Friday, February 26, 2010

Today is my daughters 19th birthday! For breakfast in bed, our family tradition, she choose sausage and waffles. I took a little bit of the batter and colored it blue and when I cooked it, I first added a '1' and a '9' (backwards, of course) and then added regular batter. It turned out cute. And WHY didn't I take a picture of it? I don't know. 6:30am is not my best hour. We did our other tradition also - silly small gifts in regular grocery sacks that they open there that morning. Today Katie got Chips Ahoy, Chapstick (don't worry Trudy, it is NOT my bike riding one), and Chex Mix. Actually, these items were just 'stuff' I had sitting around from last night. I didn't have a chance to shop for usual stuff, like her favorite gum, cereal, mechanical pencils, etc.......(We have been a partying family all week.) We let her open her real gifts this morning because once the day began she wasn't going to be getting any more attention from us. We all have a huge day planned. She got some 'Buckle' pants, a shirt, sweater and then a cute vesty thing from Shannon. Love ya Katie!

I'm off to have our ward party. It should be fun.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh, by the way, I did do my riding today. Thanks Jason for making me go! And I'm sorry I wimped out early! I forgot to tell you that I was going a different way and you ended up going the full 4 miles. I only got just over 3 today.
. And since I only saw this part of you all of the way and you had your earphones in you must not have heard me say that I was turning on Clovis.
Call me crazy, but I see a heart here in these tree limbs.
I was waiting for Carolyn to come out of WalMart and there it was - right there looking at me.

Wow, already Thursday. I'm sorry for you few fans that look forward to my blog. Okay, not really look forward to it, more like tolerate it for a few laughs once in a while.

My last blog was Tuesday, a cold day, and I must admit I did NOT make it out that day for my ride. I'm mad at myself, because the next day, Wednesday, I said to myself, "Well, no one called and berated me for missing a bike-riding day, so I'm going to miss this day as well". Actually, I didn't really say that, but the day began early and I ended up helping my mom with her hair......oops, mom, is it a secret that you use L'Oreal? If I use it, I would hope everyone knows that you might need to use it too, being that you're 25 years older than me. After that I cleaned the house......another unusual thing for me to do. But I knew that I was having company over on Thursday night for a family dinner. I also have a ward party that is coming up Friday and I am in charge of making sure it goes well. It will be games and finger food, so not much set up, but here's whats going to happen: It will be run as though they are all coming back to school for one night. 4 classes and a recess. They will need to complete all four classes, which include, PE (ping pong), Geography (a seek and find game), Math (a dice game)((family, you all played it tonight)), and Social Studies, but with a twist. We will be asking questions that relate to the studies of socialite things: movies, candy, couples, etc. And then recess will be when they can get their snacks! At the end we will have a small graduating ceremony with diplomas and a class picture. Maybe we can vote on 'class clown, most likely to succeed, most athletic', etc. It should be fun. I imagine that ping pong will go on late into the night. We hopefully can get 2 tables down there. I'll try to take pictures to post. Needless to say, I've been making games and stuff for both parties (I don't want sympathy here, I LOVE IT!!!)

Wednesday evening we went to Glendale, about 45 minutes away to my sisters home to 'SURPRISE" my mom! She has a sister who lives in Maryland that flew in for this and then my oldest sister, flew here from Idaho to surprise her! It was great. A video is listed on my sisters blog page here. Too cute. She was floored! Everyone came over here tonight and I had a few trivia games from her 'birth' year, 'graduating' year, and her home town of Springville, Utah. It was fun. I'm sorry you didn't win any games Mom, everyone should have lost on purpose for you. tsk, tsk to you all. You know who you are. Then we played the dice game. One of our party favorites. We had a yummy dinner of KFC - thank you Aunt Kathleen. Fruit dip, rolls, cake, etc! Good times. We also had Doug's sister Julie come and take family pictures for us. It was a really nice time.
My two sisters have either read my blog or have heard about it and I got a lovely gift from them:

Yes a chapstick on a string! It can be a one handed task now! Thank you Trudy and Carrie! I love it. I might have to take it off for church, but other than that I think it's found it's new home. Why didn't they tell me I was holding it backwards! Maybe because they were shocked at how I was posing?!
Trudy also knew that my Mom wanted this hang-up clothes bag, like for her temple clothing. Mom was shocked once again and very pleased all at the same time. It was great. She said it was a good thing that we did all this 'surprising' stuff this year on her 75th b-day instead of later, say 80 years old, because she might have just keeled over! Funny mom, you're gonna be here for 30 more years. It will be fun to be old together!

This is Carolyn, Katie and my nephew Isaac who just returned
from his mission back east....Fredericksburg, Maryland....actually from where my moms sister lives, yes, the one who flew out here for the party! Cool, huh? He looks good! My girls were jealous that Isaac was getting a little bit of attention.
Silly Katie and Carolyn. Way to pop up Isaac!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

AAAHHHHH..................... From the temple parking lot...
On Stapley heading south.....

Pulling onto Maple Road.......
Parked in front of my house.....

Yeah, this is the reason I'm not riding my bike this morning. I went to the 5:30 session this morning and this is what the temperature was from the moment I left the temple to the time I parked in front of my house!! Even with all of my 'riding equipment', I would be too cold. Maybe frozen. Maybe icicles would form from my nose that starts running when I ride in the cold weather. It's not a pretty sight. Maybe there is ice on the canal road. Okay, I know there won't be any ice on the road, but I'm trying to make myself feel good about putting it off until later.
So, yesterday I went and had eyelash extentions. Here they are!
And NO makeup in either picture! I don't want to be vain, but I love them. We'll see how well they hold up. I like sleeping on my tummy, which means my face is basically in a pillow all night. I'll have to learn to sleep a new way. Hmm......

Monday, February 22, 2010

I love rainy days. I know I've said it before, but I will continue to say it everytime is rains (or even threatens to) or even overcast! I didn't get soaked, just nicely moistured. Maybe like a turkey that gets basted every few hours, but my basting was more like every few minutes. I added a small section of canal today. Instead of stopping at Southern - I crossed over and rode down to the back of WalMart located on Greenfield. I knew with the rain the construction work would NOT be going on and there would be no one there to tell me that I can't ride down on the canal road. There is usually this sign standing in the roadway that says :' CANAL CLOSED TO PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC - SRP PERSONEL ONLY':
(I pay SRP - and I'm a person....does that count?)
But it wasn't up today----maybe the wind blew it down, maybe there was a spasmatic foot that couldn't control itself as it was riding by, maybe there was this out of control car that veered off into the sign......Okay, I don't really know but it wasn't up and I was willing to take a chance and be a rebel! Not really a rebel - maybe defy or revolt, something like that - but it made me feel like one. The sign has been up since January, so I have been tempted ever since I started riding the canal way.

With this new rain the mud bogs next to the canal will be even worse. They still had not dried up from the first huge storm we had, but now they have mold growing in them. Luckily it is winter and we don't have mosquito problems. However, like I've said, there is no room for misjudgement.

Today is my 50th birthday. Crazy, huh? I'm going to be selfish and go shopping. I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. Probably a dress, although I don't need one. Maybe shoes. There is one thing I'm getting for sure though. I signed up with an email group called - GROUPON. Every day they send out 'group' specials that if so many people buy this great buy it will be a go. Last November, there was a special for the theater show 'Jeste'z Improv', here in Tempe. It was a great deal, and so I bought them for Christmas gifts. We have been here before and it's family friendly. But it is all improvitational stuff. Pretty funny. Allan loves it. Now, back to my gift: my daughter Carolyn and I saw this GROUPON deal for fake eyelashes. The put in about 35-40 per eye and, I hope look great. It is from a company called Gilbert Bodyworks her in Gilbert. The procedure is called Demi-Diva eyelash extentions. Take a look at their website here. I'm excited. About the only good thing left on this old body is my eyes, except for the crowsfeet thing, and then of course the Grandpa Russell eyelid drooping thing, and then theres the having to wear glasses thing.... well you get the idea. I'm trying to save a little of what I like.
So I'm off for a fun day. A busy week, I'll tell you about it as it happens!
Oh, about a 2 weeks ago, my grandson Kai and I planted some seeds in those beginner plant boxes! Look what happened! I think these are the pumpkins and squash plants! We really don't care what they are, just that they are growning! We'll try to plant them in a couple of weeks. Hint, hint, Doug. We need a fence put up so Toby doesn't dig them up!! Get to work on that!
Sorry it's blurry, but he was too excited to stand still!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A little late tonight, but it still counts! I actually went riding this morning. Let me tell you about it. I have two children in Junior High. Starting this morning the school has once again started an early morning run time. Early? That's questionable, but 7:30 for them is an hour earlier than when they have to be ready for the usual bus, AND it does make our family scripture/prayer time a little pressed. As is the custom, we were rushing to be out the door at 7:15am. Both kids are in the running group now, instead of just our youngest son. (I'm thinking my daughter is doing it just to be social: Boys running, good talking time, meeting new friends, yeah, that kind of stuff). However, I think she is probably winded by the first lap or so, therefore, not much socializing is getting done. She is more of a sprinter, than a long distance runner. Anyway, Allan forgets his binder, a necessity for school, and notices it right at the time I am dropping him off at school at 7:27am. I ask what time they end their running and when I would need to be back to meet him to give him his binder. We agree to meet in the back of the school at 8:30. So, I need to ride my bike daily, right?, what do you think I choose to do? Yep, I hook a backpack on me with his binder in tow, and away I go. I'm guessing he was expecting me to drive up in my suburban, because he didn't even notice me until I yell his name at him. And he wasn't in the back of the school as promised, but at the side of the school where buses drop off students! A lot of students. If he'd have stayed in the back, maybe 5 people would have been out there, but near the bus stop there was a larger crowd. Now, I know my looks are not great when I'm riding, I can actually be downright scary. Which is funny.....why do they call mascara mascara? I know I look better with mascara on. Is that what it means? 'A mask to cover up scariness'? Anyway, after yelling his name I could tell he was embarrassed. No, more like mortified. He looked my way and paled. Taking his notebook he left in a hurry. Not too much of a thanks came my way. He didn't even want to give me a kiss goodbye! What's that all about? Next time you forget something Al, get detention. I'm okay with that. Oh, 4.52 miles today!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I know, I know....I'm a day behind. Yesterday, Wednesday, I had tons of stuff I ended up doing. I've needed an oil change in my car BAD and I was totally out of gasoline. I was a little nervous that I wouldn't even be able to back out of my driveway without doing a putt-putt putter. Did I have enough to get to the QT gas station located only less than a mile away? Should I get my bike ride in and take a gas container and then ride home holding it on the bike bar?

I think I would have felt like this guy!

I would have used my scoot-scoot if it was in working order, but it's not and I couldn't.

Here it sits in my garage. Sad really.

So luckily I decided to chance it and drive - and guess what? Yep, I made it! After I got my gasoline (okay my kids - picture blind woman Audrey Hepburn saying, 'GASOLINE') Yeah, I know you all would be teasing me now for saying gasoline instead of just gas. I then went down to Brown & Brown for my oil change. I've always gone there. I'm not sure why. We, as in the DeWitt family & DeWitt Equipment, have purchase ALL of their last 10+ vehicles from them. Jill bought her little blue car in a different place, so that is why we kicked her out of our home 4 years ago. (jk) I also went to the temple and decided to do baptisms! Oops, I didn't wear waterproof mascara!! Sorry to all of you men down there at the font! Sad once again. (DC, that's only 3 for this month so far....I'm still working on it though!)

Later that afternoon, my dil, Celynda, wanted to come over for some family fun before she had to head home to Henderson. We played a game called, Rapid Recall. I think I recall that being the name. Anyway, it's teams and a player on your team gives you clues to 10 things on this card. If we think we know what that person is discribing, we throw a disc in this bowl and he moves onto the next word. Then, when the full minute is done, we try to remember all 10 things that he discribed and what word we threw the disc in for. It sounds confusing I'm sure, but it was fun. Different than our usual game, 'NERTS'.....or is it NERTZ? Either way, we like it. Katie won. Hmmm.......she didn't even want to have family game time. What's up with that?

We didn't have this shirt to give her, but maybe if we did, she would have been happier playing.
Finally, at 8pm, we, Carolyn, Celynda and I decided to ride. Actually Carolyn decided to run, we 2 would follow behind her. We ended up going 4 and 1/2 miles. My silly chain fell off my bike, well not actually my bike, my bike was under Celyndas body, and I had this squeaky-silver-something about half way through the ride, but luckily, with poking, jabbing, twisting and tweaking I got it back on and finished several minutes after they had gotten home. Carolyn is training for the Trifecta. This is where her team of 12 ladies will be running from Prescott Valley to Phoenix!! All within 12 hours or so. And it is overnight? Crazy? You bet. I'm nervous for her!
So, yes, I did get my ride in yesterday, it's not looking so good tonight. If I do a ride it will just be around the block a few times. Okay, it on. Off I go.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yesterday....... While I wanted to ride my bike yesterday, I didn't plan my time very well. Shannon really wanted her hair cut and she wanted bangs. I get nervous having to cut bangs, so that took me getting my nerve and then it took me a long time. Here she is.:

Having the day off of school and being that there was a 2for1 coupon for the Rennaisance Fair, I decided to take the kids and grandkids, with other adult supervision, to the event. Many years ago, DeWitt Equipment Company, used to be in charge of hooking up all of the electrical, gas and water lines to all of the appliances and buildings, and as a 'perk' we were given a pass to let our family in the Fair every year. We attended it for about 4 years and then the 'Fair city' really grew into is own little town out there and does NOT need our help any more. So, we hadn't been out there for about 10 years or so. It took a little talking into for Allan and Shannon to go, because they wanted to do 'fun' stuff on their day off of school.

It actually turned out fun! For all of us. Yes, it was crowded, but the show we watched was a riot! And the food we got was yummy! In the olden days we couldn't afford much out there and we were grateful for the free stuff to do and watch, but this year we tried one of the turkey legs!
This isn't Allan, but we are going to pretend it was.
These turkey legs are huge and quite messy to eat. If you squint your eyes it could look like an older Allan.....sort of.

They also had a free little kids ride. The same one that was out there ions ago. It is a 'man-pushed' butterfly ride that has been updated a little bit for more safety.

We tried to get everyone in one picture, but this is as good as we got:



We also let the older guys do this! Carolyns middle boy, wanted to do it with them!
He really enjoyed it!

Today, I did get out and ride my bike. I left at 6:49 and returned at 7:22. It has been a 3 day holiday for my body and so it was hard and I had to ride in 'lower' gears most of the time. Maybe I can hit gear 7 tomorrow. It's my goal. I'll have to shoot for a downhill slope though.
Todays accomplishment 4.55 miles!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Okay, whoops. I just erased my post. Hmm.....I tried to add a video and it totally took away my whole thing. So, this one will probably be short and boring. I rode 4.02 miles today. I must be getting bored because it takes me a little bit longer to get excited (or just able) to do my ride. So, I went down the canal, west on Southern, north on Val Vista, east on Broadway to Mable and then home. It definetly kept me on my toes! Fast moving cars! Yikes!

Take care until Monday! Pedal safely!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have to admit, I didn't want to ride today. I fought my feelings for a couple of hours and finally decided that I would be mad at myself later if I didn't get out this morning. First of all, I have to fill you in on Allan's success: Yesterday was the Mesa City Track Meet of all 7th and 8th grade students who had qualified to participate. Allan has done pretty well in distance running. Running. It does not exist in my brain at all, it must be a DeWitt side of the family thing. However, Carolyn and Kevin both were great at it and it has been fun to see Allan enjoy it so much. He ran the 1600M, the 800M, and the 4x100M Relay yesterday at the City Meet. He got 2nd in the 1600M running 5.35! That's an improvement of almost 20 seconds. We told him that even though he is fast at Brimhall, the boys that he would be racing at the City Meet were going to be faster and he had to keep that in mind, but also, to still run his 'own' race. Set his own pace and just do the best he could. He was very close to the first place guy, just a few tenths of a second difference. We were all impressed! He was disappointed until he realized he had improved his time by that much. He got 1st place in the 800M, coming at 2.42!! And in the relay the Brimhall team took 2nd place! All in all, it was a great day for Allan! I didn't get any photos of the races (just video) but if you want to see some pictures go to his facebook page. Here are a few fans that came to watch. As you will see, it was COLD!

Katie and Brooke Shannon and Brooke
A good friend of Kevin's, who too is a whiz at long distance running, Spencer, was there!

Treyson. We had to use his 'blankie' as a scarf!!

This is the only picture of Jason that I got. He was the official timer.

Two big hugs for Allan because he did so well.
Griffin and Lukas.

After the event was over we had to go to Brimhall so Al could change and pick up his school work. As Doug and I sat out in the car (8pm'ish), we were next to this tree:

Do you see anything? Middle, right hand side? Maybe if you turn the tree's a....

How do I see these things?

Okay, now for today's ride.

Yesterday I did not take my camera and I saw something funny. Today, when I left the house, I forgot it again but I turned around to get it so I could shoot this picture:

Now, I see that the 't' needs a little help, but doesn't that say 'VOMIT'? Usually about that time on my ride (close to the 2 mile mark), I feel that way.
I just thought it was interesting enough to share with all of you. My challenge today, again, was walkers. I don't think I've ever encountered this one before though:
A threesome. Yeah, how do you get around that?
So, once again I tried to sing louder and make my tires do swooshing noises. Also, I tried the changing of gears several times before I reached them, but no, nothing fazed them. I get behind them and but my brakes on and luckily they hear that......thank you bike, for having squeaky brakes. My bike is orange. And I have a new padded seat thing. I'm liking my bike more each day. Off.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sorry no 'Riding Reading' for yesterday. I was being a good Grandma and babysat 4 of the Grandkids!
Who wouldn't skip the bike riding for these guys!
So today, I went out early. I love overcast days. No glare from the canal, no sun in my eyes, and especially, no squinting (crows feet). In all it was a good ride.
I finished another short book, and don't laugh, at least out loud, but it's called Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I loved it. I bought it for Allan and he finished it in about an hour. Really. It is a funny book that has short little 'diary' comments from a young boy. Another fun read. The real book I am reading now is: The Wisdom of Menopause. 608 pages. I found it at Half-Price Books. Two bucks. See, you really didn't want to know that, but I didn't want you all to think I sit around and read silly books. This menopause information is not that exciting, but it needs to be read I guess. So I need other things to lighten up my mind. One more book that I have loved and pick up every now and then: Gifts, True stories of God's love. Kinda like chicken soup books. Our dear Home Teacher gave it to us before he moved and we miss him terribly. I still have yet to finish the Harry Potter books (I'm in book 4). And then I'm in book 7 of the Work and the Glory. I've forgotten half of the characters in each of the series so I might have to go back and reread them. That is not going to happen any time soon. Anyone else out there have good books to tell me about? Send them my way. Have a great day or two.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday. I have done the deed. As I rode to day, I passed 3 sets of 'couples', each time I struggled to announce my arrival and let them know that I was needing to pass. This was as I went south on the canal road. So, when I got to Southern, I did not turn around and go back up the path and again have to manuver around the 'duo' sets. Instead I went west on Southern and then turned up 41st and finished doing my old route. So, my mileage was down, I think it was just over 3 miles, but at least it's done.

There was no laundry smells today. Bummer.

I finally finished the book, "The Christmas Star". Its a super short book and I started it before Christmas, but with everything that went on during December and January, it sort of got lost in the shuffle of things. And if something gets lost in my room, it is a scary thing.
(Not my room). (But could be)

It was a cute story. I recommend it to anyone needing a quick read. I found it at Deseret Book, but I can't find a picture of it anywhere. I love bookstores. My two favorite are: Bookman's on Country Club Drive and Half Price Books on Southern and Power. I could spend hours and $$ in there every day.

This would be one of my perfect days: the beach and reading.