Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oklahoma Shout Out!!!

Wow!  What a busy time these past two weeks have been!  I am happy to announce that the Mesa High School play - "Oklahoma", has won State and will be performing at the Phoenix Civic Center on November 17th (Jill's birthday).  It will run two times in a row, the first at 1 pm and the second right behind it at 3:30, which seems impossible, only for the fact that when they put it on at Mesa High it went nearly 3 hours!  So, I'm guessing that there will not be the usual 10 minute intermission and that there will definitely be some 'cutting' of songs!  I hope it won't be Allan's, but it could be.  He still has a good part even with his song cut out.  I am attaching pictures that I found on Facebook ...I hope you can view them!  -Allan in one of his 3 totally hilarious outfits!  (Allan doing some funny face at the piano!