Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Today I visited the second sister that I VT.  I walked again today, just like yesterday.  I didn't find anything interesting to photograph.  And the total distance today was, 0.06 miles.  Yep, 2 houses down and across the street.  So, since that was so boring I thought I'd share a few pictures with you - We went to Florida for Christmas and got to spend time with Celynda, Brian and family!

 Little Joslyn......
                And I do NOT know what Allan was doing in this photo......
 The guys activities while on the beach
                                                                        The girls activities.....

Super cute couple!

Allan and Shannon 

Lukas and Brookie trying to do the same....
 Okay, this was so funny.  There were these squirrels that would come down from the tree and grab food right out of your hand but you had to lay super still for them to come. Luke, Brook and Roxy were all laying there and Celynda came and put baby Joslyn there just for the picture!  It was too funny.  If you look close you can see the squirrel coming down but never came too close with all the kids together. Eventually, all of the kids, even Shannon and Allan, had a piece of food taken from them by the squirrels.

This is one of our family Christmas photos. We are still working on a Family Newsletter but we are now aiming for Valentine's Day.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Today I went walking - wait, what? You went where? doing what?  Yep.  I had a Visiting Teaching appointment and I knew it wasn't that far, so I decided to walk.  I took my phone for 'just in case'.
And guess what I found......yes, I can see that is NOT a natural heart - but what they heck!  A heart, in the gutter, as I walk to my VT lady!  What a fun surprise. And the walk was a little bit more than I had thought....1.7 miles.  But I need to start sometime to get back into walking or riding my bike.  I have a trip planned for NY soon and since we can't afford a car rental (the hotel 'parking' fee is $50 night!!!), we will be doing a LOT of walking to the sites. We seemed to have gotten a pretty centrally located hotel and the furthest thing from us will be the Statue of Liberty, so we might splurge on a taxi for that outing. Other sites we want to see......Mood Fabrics.....yep! the famed material store of Project Runway!  And I'll only have $100 for a 30 minute shopping spree! (ha ha). Also, Central Park, Manhattan Temple, Empire State Building, Trump Tower, Times Square, Kleinfeld wedding dress shop! And we are about 4 blocks from the Theater District....not that we can afford a show, but maybe they have rehearsals you can sit in on!  So, today was the beginning of a walking regimine to get me ready for walking in the cold and icy NY sidewalks!