Thursday, January 24, 2013

RIP Daddy D....

Today I have a tender heart and tears that are ready stinging.  My sweet Dad-in-Law passed away last night .  He has mentally been ready to go for some time, wanting to be with 'Mama', who has been gone for several years, but because he had such an amazingly strong physical body, it just didn't want to give in.  
I have been a 'daughter' to this Dad for 34 years.  He, and 'Mom', were the nicest, most generous, sweetest in-laws anyone could have had or wanted.  The love they had for me was immediate and never once did I feel different then their 'original' children:  Gayle, Diane, Doug, Alan, Brad and Julie.  
I was accepted right in and felt it.  
The only family I knew that had a insturment on their home.

Bradleys mission homecoming.  Dad, a gentle giant in his teaching and love.
Being Grandpa and nearly falling off!

Christmas white elephant gift.  He loved to smirk for the camera.

This is my favorite picture of Dad.  And maybe it's because I was in it with him.  I will miss him terribly and I know my kids will miss their 'talks' with their Grandpa, even my inlaw kids, have had their time with him, getting advice or just a loving message that he felt they might need.

Take care Grandpa.  We already miss you and our hearts will be heavy for your physical love.  Give Grandma and Sampson a big hug for us, enjoy being with her and your family again.  Until we meet again.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Shannon is HOME!

Ward family camp-out near Globe, AZ.
An update on Shannon, and a few extra pictures because it was her 17th birthday.  
Her freshly cut bangs.  I wasn't too happy with them being cut.  
Shannon was released from the hospital on January 2nd.  She will have a pretty good looking scar and always  have to supplement her B-12 (something to do with the intestine that was removed), but she recovered amazingly fast and well.  Compared to when she went into the hospital she is 99% better.  She is up walking around and even went on a date on her birthday: Red Lobster.....who can turn that down?!  Right? 

Her volleyball 'career'.  Here she is spiking the ball.
School starts tomorrow and I'm not sure how well she will do with that....but we will give it a try.  The walking to and from classes will probably wear her out but socializing with friends just might make her last the whole day through.  

At a girls camp last summer - and it was the most miserable camp I personally had ever been too.  While lovely and pretty during the day - the nights were almost unbearable.  Cold beyond cold.  The ground bumpy beyond comfort.  

I think this was her first official date picture.  
I will need to come back and do another birthday blog on Shannon.  I need to find some cute baby photos and scan them because I didn't have any on
my computer.