Monday, September 2, 2013

Shannon's hair....

Shannon told me she wanted a haircut.  I said that I think she just needed a trim, so I cut off about 3 inches.  We then go and take some 'Senior' photos at a park in Scottsdale.  Here are some of them.

It was a nice day for photo's because of the overcast day.   I asked Allan to come and help with the 'reflection disc'.  Sometimes he got in the way as demonstrated in this next photo.  We were trying, and succeeded in a few pictures, to get the windblown hair look.  Our counting skills were not always in sync.

Allan took a turn with the camera now.
 I'm adding this picture, not so much that it's great - but Allan got a bee in the photo - the larger picture shows the bee flying right next to Shannon's cheek!

A few shots of Allan.  And yes, he was barefoot the whole time in the park.  I told him if he came to help I'd treat him to a Water & Ice slush.........he was the first one in the car. 
Kinda like a dog going for a ride in the countryside with the window down.  
Okay, so this fun family day was August 6th - two days before school was to start.   Shannon again tells me that the trim was nice but not what she had hoped for, so she still wants a haircut.  I'll just put this out there, that I was against it. Stacey asks her hairdresser if she can squeeze Shannon in before school starts (yep, the day before!) and luckily she can.........

Okay, I'll admit I was wrong on this one......Shannon's hair turned out darling!  
Now two random photo's:  A mushroom in our yard.  And of course a heart in a parking lot.