Thursday, December 10, 2009

Favorite Snowflake things to do....

Go to the creek and throw in rocks, hike the hills and rocks, sit on the old car, find the bridge and this year, we found a horse!!

horse named JIL

Just for you Jill

When we went through the costume box this year, Shannon found my 'first date' dress that I had made to go to the Cortez High 1975 Homecoming dance with Ron Stevenson. She tried it on and fit! It was fun to see it on her.

November 20, 2009, Gilbert had an annual 5K run for it's Gilbert Days. Carolyn had signed up to run way in advance (thus, she was #12) and when we found out we decided to sign Allan up the day of the race (thence, he, # 604). The pictures I will add are as follows: Front line, Allan on the left side, sorry, we can't see Carolyn!: Allan thumbs up as he passes me: Carolyn a small wave: but, oh, look at those leg muscles!: Coming up to the finish line: Allan medal time:
Carolyn's medal time.
Carolyn's finishing time was 20.09, Allan's was 20.10! Fantastic for both of them! This was the first 5K race either of them had run in. Carolyn got first out of ALL the women in the race, so she was 1st women finisher, and 1st in her age group! Allan also got first out of his age group!! I was a proud mom on that day. My oldest and youngest both racing together and doing a great job side by side!! Oops, I'm starting to tear up!

While Celynda was here with her kids, they talked Grandpa into jumping with them on the


Brookie thought it was funnier to sit on top of Toby.

So, here's Treyson. We had decorated pumpkins and then some sugar cookies! He loved it! Can you tell?

Oops read the blog below - here's the grandkids messing around.

My silly, silly daughters. They were at this for many minutes. Then the grandkids got in there too. Hold on to her, Jill!! October sometime.

A few months ago, we purchased wheelchairs to celebrate Doug's birthday. I can not tell you how much fun those silly things have been. The kids and grandkids play in them constantly AND we have even had a neighborhood friend stop by and borrow it for a couple of days to make sure that is what he wanted to spend some of his hard-earned money on! Here is Shannon with Griffin and Allan with Treyson. Actually Treyson doesn't look like he is having too much fun, but I think it was because I stopped them long enough to take this picture. Fun Times!!