Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day

 Yes, I know it's been over a week since Mother's Day - but this you're going to love!  I promise!!  I am getting to the age that a gift for Mother's Day is kind of embarrassing, albeit, I would never turn anything down because of the thought involved, but this year I requested that my children not give me a gift, per-say, but to write me a poem.  They could follow an Old Mother Goose type poem or go on their own and rhyme away.  I have had children in the past, write and present poems at school, not always to the teachers liking's, which I thought were cute.....right Kevin?   and so I thought that they might enjoy doing this.  Sorry if you didn't like it kids!  Although I only gave them one weeks notice and a promise of a financial reward (which we ended up not doing, just count all the meals I have fixed for you as a reward!)  (cheap, really cheap, I know), they all participated and in-laws too!  So, I am dedicating this blog to my kids and their courageous battle with rhyming!
Mother had a great big heart, with love to overflow:
And everywhere that Mother went, her love was sure to show.
She went about without the fame, doing unto others:
Expecting nothing in return, just like her Elder Brother.
Her qualities of kindness and charity, are only but a few:
These traits she taught now all lie within me and you.
And so she lives her life, oh are we so blessed:
We have such a great Mother, better than the rest.
This was from Jeff!  And yes, he printed it out with a heart already on it!  Thanks Jeff.  I retyped it because I wasn't sure you would be able to see it.
This next one is from Carolyn and I had to just scan it in because it's very rare that you get a cute picture of me, and this is a cute picture of me!!! She got up and sang this song in front of us all...."Four and twenty black birds" song!  Thanks Carolyn!
The next two are from Brian.  I will say Celynda also did it but I don't know for sure and I don't want to leave her out if she was a major part of it....so thank you to both of you!

GO OUT AND PLAY (Based on Come Out To Play)
Oh, my children, go out and play,
I've had enough of you today,
I'm not making supper, just let me sleep,
Go bother some other dear mom down the street.
It if gets late, you might want to call,
But really I won't miss you at all.
Wake me up when you're home so I know,
I won't really wake up from my sleep though.
I'll see you tomorrow, when I am well rested,
Now just leave me alone....and don't get arrested.

C-P-S (Based on Pat-a-Cake)
C-P-S,  C-P-S, at the door,
It's about Shannon, her neck is sore.
Did you scold her or slap her? Her eyes are very pink.
Be careful, Mrs. DeWitt, we'll throw you in the clink.

These next two are from my far-away Jill......and of course Jonathan if he helped!

She chases away a frown
     when someone is down.
She makes you smile,
     it's just her style.
She is a Robert Redford fan
     but married a better man.
She likes to dance
     with a little bit of romance
     (though some call it a prance).
She collects pictured hearts
     but hates when Doug farts
She, at 40 something, took a sky dive
     and thankfully is still alive.
She surprised me in Hawaii
     but may have told a lie.
She is an example to all
     even though she is small.
She serves all day long
     while singing a song.
She likes to be crafty
     while chomping on ice-y(?)
SHE, I could talk about all day,
     but I won't make you stay.
I just want you to know - 
     before you go;
SHE is my MOM
     and I think she is the BOMB!

Young Becky Sue (Old King Cole)
Young Becky Sue was a mother of eight.
A Mother of eight was she.
She yelled, "Do your chores!"
She yelled, "Don't be late!"
And she called, "Won't you come dance with me!"

Ev'ry child had a jiggle
And a very fine jiggle had she.

Fiddle dee, Fiddle dee
Fiddle dee, Fiddle dee
Fiddle dee, Fiddle dee
Went the jiggling spree.

Oh, there is none who would dare
Such an affair
With Young Becky Sue and her jiggling spree!

Jason's and then Stacey's

A lot can be said about a mother of eight
Who raised all those kids and each one turned out great.
Here's a few things that I've kept in store,
A message to you, Mom, from child number four.

I've been taught responsibility through lists full of chores:
Which especially came in handy while I was knocking on doors.
While serving on that mission, you wrote me every week,
Which encouraged me greatly when tracting looked bleak.

I know more about driving from riding with you -
Sorry Dad, but deep down you know this is true.
You kept me in line and I never did drugs:
Probably 'cause I knew you'd smell my shirt when we hugged.

I've truly been taught how to love and serve others.
Too bad I didn't use this to help my three brothers.
I always felt welcome when I came back home.
Even when it was just for food, I never heard you groan.

The best thing I learned from you in my life
Was how to pick the very best wife.
She's perfect for me and I know I'm not wrong;
'Cause there's a whole lot of you I see in her, Mom.

Many years ago, I was a guest in this house
Then only just friends with your son. - I never imagined he'd one day be my spouse.

Seven years later - I found myself here once more.
This time carrying a lot more baggage but you never asked me to explain the life I had before.

Thank you for accepting me and never judging me for my past,
For supporting Jason's decision to marry me - even if the wedding came a little fast.

Thank you for making me feel at home- an instant part of your family.
You are my mom while mine is gone - loving and accepting me for me!

You welcomed me with open arms and my rowdy toddler too;
You made us feel like family and for that I truly thank you!

You might all need to take a break - stretch out a bit......half of the kids are done (with extras thrown in) and only a few more to go, but you might need to stretch, check what's on TV, go get the mail, play a game on your ipod, but then come on back.....!  

To the One Who is Over All
I hope, dear Mother, that I can express
the feelings you bring of true happiness.
They come with scowls and a loud yell,
You'd think for sure we'd be in hell.

But we kids all know 
That this is how it must go:
We do things wrong, we do things bad
And it is not anger, but love, that gets mad.

Your love knows what is best
To help us pass any test.
Boundaries are set, rules are made
Which help our foundations to be laid.

We go to Dad to ask permission,
This next fact is no superstition.
His love is good, his love is true, 
That's why he sends us to you.

My habits annoy you, I have no doubt.
To farting at the table, Shan & Allan 'deserving' a shout:
Not cleaning the house and being lazy,
It gets repetitive, the days probably hazy.

As child number 5, I can see
That your love is equal to him her and me.
Through all my faults, I just want you to know
My love for you is deep, and I'll never let it go.

Katie - and Brandon for letting her be silly for me!

Mom, you are beautiful from your head to your cuticle.
Now that I moved away, that's the way it's going to stay.
But I really do love you and I will always be there for you.

Shannon's (a 2 pager)  <3 I Hope We Were Worth It
Day after day of cleaning and scrubbing
As kids we found ways to make it fun and unforgetting
(Brian was the best at it though).
They all started to grow up
Katie was about to turn 6
But then you went to the doctors
And found out you were having another little chick.
Once she was born you started to think:
She needs a friend who will be there to understand and to see
So you willingly had another child.
A chubby, little oddball, who was as funny as he could be.
As the years went by siblings would start to leave here and there.
There was no one left to play with. 
The list of our chores was getting more and more full.
Days grew longer and the nights were dark,
All you could hear was Toby's weird bark.....
Day after day of ENDLESS cleaning and scrubbing,
You ask us kids to help and just end up shouting.
You give everyone the silent treatment
And after a while we start to miss your voice.
You could care less about what we miss
All you want is for things to be done and dismiss.
You hate it when we touch your buns
And when we are loud during church, a ton.
You don't have the energy to chase us around anymore.
You obviously don't like doing the dishes or the chores:
(Like the cups with the gross milk ring at the bottom).
We love you regardless and are sorry for all the trouble,
Especially the problem of number 7.
Getting CPS on you and them coming after you by the double.
You have been a great Mom and we hope you believe it
Otherwise, I wouldn't have written you such a long poem.
As you can somewhat see it,
(unless you are wearing one of your bent up glasses).
With you around - days are such blasts.
Soon Allan and I will be gone
(Gee....that came fast)
After we leave, you and Dad, can fulfill your dreams
of traveling in the RV and having the whole world to see.
We will miss you dearly and hope you can come visit often.
You guys are our world, our sky, and our air;
We can't live without you.
I hope we were worth it, Mom.
Otherwise, this Mother's Day poem I wrote, was just another storybook rhyme.

Funny, funny Allan.........

Dear Mother, you assigned us to rhyme, 
But I ran out of time.

Again.....thanks to all of my children!  I love you all so much!  

Monday, May 21, 2012

the whole 'cruise' gang!  Looking forward to our next one...Alaska
Holding hands!  Ed and Gayle

Brad and Brenda

Julie and Isabelle (is that a sad face we're seeing?)
Xander is doing okay!

 I love this first photo of Alan and Linda!  The second one was more to catch the scenery!

 Of course a heart was spotted.....As I had to stand at my, um...I forget what it's called....the place where they give you instructions about how to put on your life vest in case we crash, etc., the flourscent light had a paint mark on the corner.  Yep, a perfect heart!

This one I think was in my crock-pot after cooking our roast.

Okay, this is good.  As some of you know I am into Pinterest.....a lot....and some of the comments on there are about how lame we 'pinners' are by just sitting and pinning neat things but never really doing much about them.  So, one of the things I pinned was this ant pesticide that for sure would get rid of ants.  You take 1 cup of sugar, 3 Tablespoons of Boric Acid and 3 cups of warm water.  Soak cotton balls in a lid, maybe even dribbling some of the 'juice' along the side of the lid, and wah-la the ants will come.  And come they did.  Our counter color is one where we don't always see the ants until they are attached to a piece of bread we are about to eat ( I know, you all went....eeewww.....) and so I wanted to give this a try.It worked!  This was the first day.  We still had a few ants the second day, but by far less.  I love it!  

Also, I haven't blogged too much because of a few reasons.  I got a job.  Yep, a real job.  I am a stalker.  I stalk magazines at 2 Fry's grocery stores in the area.  I'll see if it's worth staying, but I like it so far.  I work 2 days a week, about 4 hours each of those days.  It's slightly embarrassing to put out publications like: Enquirer, Soap Opera Digest, the Examiner, but of course I get all the fun ones too.  
Also, I have working my buns off, yes, I need to lose weight from the cruise food, but I really haven't seen to much success there yet, but it feels like I'm working them off, for girls camp.  I am the camp director once again this year.  It is a ward year, so we will be staying at a cabin,  more of a rustic cabin this year instead of the wilderness Stake camps.  The cabin only has one flush-able toilet so we have rented a Porta John.  They will only be allowed one flush visit a day - other than that it's out in the outhouse for the rest of the time.  If we had to pay for it out of the budget, we are going to make them use it, by golly!   We are still tweaking a few things like these name things, but all in all I think we are ready and anxious to go!  Maybe anxious to get it over with?  
My Mother's Day blog will be coming soon!  

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cruise Highlight

 Doug and I  have returned from a Mexican Riviera Cruise where we were with 2 of his sisters and his 2 brothers and their spouses, for 7 lovely nights.  The highlight of the cruise

sexy leg stance (to hook the harness)
besides the food, and the wait-staff, and of course the free entertainment, and 
my favorite people watching time, was a Zip-Line
course in Puerto Vallarta.  there were 12 lines all together and it was amazing.  As you can tell by the brown trees it wasn't their lush rainy season, but it was fun.  Here in this picture is me hanging upside down with one of the 'lineguys' riding tandem.  It was quite the experience and I loved every minute.

 This was the last zip right over a small creek and they would bounce the cable to splash you at the end.  Doug didn't get splashed....hmmmm.
Then after going down all the zip-lines thank goodness they had mules for us to ride up the mountain.  We had a great time with most of the family and missed those that couldn't come.  But thanks for the memories!