Friday, May 31, 2013

Grace Kelly special.....

Last week I was watching a channel 8 special on Grace Kelly.  It was very interesting and quite nice to learn a little more about her early life, her reason to marry Prince Rainier 

and then the family life she had.

I am leaving a big space below so you will read this first before seeing the photos I am talking about.
Now I know I was supposed to just be a TV audience observer, and I was, but as they 'panned' the crowd at one of Grace Kelly's visits, it stopped on this woman.  Yes, the one in the center is the one the camera was focused on, 

 but, and I'm sorry....would you take a look at the woman on the right?!  Is she to die for?  Laughing as I'm typing.  Too funny.  
(I hope no one that reads this is related to her; Given the fact that this shot was in Monaco or Paris many, many years ago, I highly doubt you are related or even know her). 

I'm gonna name her.....Hortense.....sadly, she wouldn't be able to have a nickname really.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Um....Rhodes failure.....

Yeah, so Sunday I came home from church to find these.  What are they you ask?  My thoughts exactly, except I knew what they were SUPPOSED to be.  
Please watch the video below.......

This is the way they looked while cooking.  Not too much better.  I thought they looked like an anemone, Doug was reminded of the stones from the movie 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'.  All in all, we were amused by them.  Carolyn thought we should have played the 'prop' game from Who's line is it Anyway? and seen how many things we could have come up with.
At the end of the night, all but 2 had been eaten.  Among all the jokes and laughing they were edible.
 And yes, I look forward to when Carolyn and her rolls return.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mexico with Brian and Celynda!

2 weeks ago, Doug, Brian, Celynda and I got to travel down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a 'celebration' of sorts, for Brian's graduation of Medical school.  We got to spend 6 great days of fun, although I shouldn't make that 'blanket' statement for Brian and Celynda.  We went to Lover's/Divorce Beach and spent a few hours there.  The reason for the name is that at the end of the peninsula of the baja, there is a stretch of land that on one side is Sea of Cortez - calm  waters and the other side is the pounding Pacific Ocean.  They have signs that say NO SWIMMING due to the terrific undertow of the waters.  
This picture of Brian and Celynda took several tries to get it just right and before the water would crash up on the shore.  

In this picture you see the Lover's Beach side where it is calm.   There is snorkling there and a large rock to jump off.  Believe it or not, Brian went to jump.  He is in the blue t-shirt about ready to jump but sadly, I missed the actual jump.

 For dinner one night we went to a 'pirates' themed restaurant where we ran into Jack Sparrow!  He had some pretty great weapons.

Another day we drove to a waterfall area.  It's quite the drive back into this place and you now have to pay a few dollars to park there; (we'd been back before with Ben and Judy Cotter and it was a free hike to this place).  Anyway, as you can see there was only a small dribble of a water fall and quite disappointing.  AND to top it all off, there were small water snakes!  There were MANY snakes. But it didn't bother Doug at all.  He swam out to the 'diving' rock and went right in.  No fear at all.  

Brian on the other hand had doubts.  And as soon as he went in he swam as fast as he could to get past the weedy/reedy area where the snakes probably liked to hide.

 We ended up hiking back up the creek for a bit and found these great trees that have wrapped their roots around these rocks.

Another great find during the hike.....a bum rock! Brian thought his kids would love this and sadly the lighting did not highlight the crack adequately.  

Driving to Santiago, Mexico, near the waterfall, we passed through the Tropic of Cancer.  

This was our mode of transportation to our room and up to the lobby.  If you don't take a ride on this it is quite a hike up the hill to get to your car.

We also decided to go zip-lining and repelling.  No personal photos were allowed, but of course they would sell you a DVD that they had made during our day there.  

Walking around town one day there was a man 'selling' pictures of his iguana wearing a sombrero   Come on, how can you pass that up?  An iguana wearing a sombrero?  We had to do it.  Or Brian had to do it anyway.  

One one of the last mornings we went down to the beach to look in the rocks as the tide went out.  Brian and Celynda each had their own idea of what that meant.  I found a rock with a heart on it, and sorry, I could not get the picture to turn right side up.  Also the heart in the leaf, was as we were taking the waterfall hike.  

This was the morning they would be returning back to their kids.  Although they had a great time, they were ready to be with their kids!

Thanks B & C for being with us and putting up with my snoring.  We had a great time with you two.  Loves!