Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Laundry room, and more

Wow....nearly a whole month has passed by and I've been a lazy bum on my blogging.  But there are a lot of pictures today - I'll try to keep the 'diary' part short and sweet, however, some pic's will need an explanation.
Allan helping?......
Allan helping again?.....
Here's Allan!
First - my last blog (I think) told of the renovation taking place here at our home. We have since put up a new wall and installed my laundry room ironing board that flips out from the wall. While nailing the top of the new wall, we found a water line!  Oops!  We needed to repair that  before we could move on with the real work.

we had to add more work to fix a pipe!  bummer!
Tile next!  Along with the laundry room, we decided to tile the hallway.  I LOVE IT!  What I didn't like is that we didn't have enough of our left-over kitchen tile to do both things, so we had to find a similar tile (they no longer manufacture my kitchen tile) and we found a 'brother' tile in a slightly different shade.  SO, we have done my laundry room with the kitchen tile and we had to do a transition of some kind between the two and here is what we did.

Here is what Shannon's room is now looking like.  You can see the pink wall - that is where her closet ended and you can see we added around 22 inches.  There have been a few other mishaps that we have had to work around, but I think this weekend is a build the new closet walls weekend.  I'm crossing my fingers!  Jonathan, Jill's hubby, has been a great help in all the tile work, knocking down walls, redirecting duct work, etc.  And of course Vin had been right there with us.
the baby-to-be you see in the background is Baby Navy...Jason and Stacey's little girl coming in December!
During all this, Allan has earned his Life Scout.

I took a trip to Henderson to watch  three super fun grand kids!
We've had family get togethers.  I thought this was funny that all of our phones were sitting all in one pile as we were playing blind-mans-bluff.

Lastly, some hearts that I have found.  One is on the Camero car that we bought from Jason for Shannon to drive to school.  Peeling paint!  And the second is a quick shot of some trees that formed a heart.  I had to take it fast because the traffic light was about to change.  AND I was so far away from it, I wasn't even sure it would turn out, but did!
Some where down near Williams Field Road and Greenfield.  

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dr's Lukas & Brooklyn

Brookie - " She is warm".  (Her doll)
Lukas - "She has a brain fever".  "Her temperature is hot".
Brookie - "Oh, she's colder now.  She has a brain freeze".

I guess they didn't need to worry about that condition because life went on.

Two funny things I remember them saying while I've been here.  Believe me, they have said MANY funny things - especially while I drive - but I can't write them down then and when we get home I forget the wording and it's not funny when I try to make it up in my own words.

Brooke: "I want a sand hamwich.".....Luke asked for a ham sandwich with cheese and that white stuff.  Which, after thinking for a second,  turned out to be mayonnaise.  The funny thing was she tried 3 or 4 times to say it right.  Each time getting more frustrated and funnier.

Lukas:  "This tickles my balls".   The second step in the pool I hits him in an interesting spot.

I've had a fun time with the kids these past few days.  Their mom and dad come home late this evening and the kids are looking forward to having them here.  I have dealt with 'sore bottom' baby Roxy - which, luckily, I met someone in CVS on Thursday and she gave me a couple of ideas.  The redness is gone, but Roxy still has a couple of blisters that almost looks like Chicken Pox, but they haven't spread at all, so I'm guessing that they aren't CP.  Dropping Lukas off at school each day and then picking him up has been an interesting thing.  I try to keep baby Roxy awake until I drop him off - 11:40 - a challenge - and then picking him up at 2:10 means that I need to wake her if things don't work out like they do in my mind.  All in all, it hasn't been as stressful as I worried about.  I'm sure they have watched more TV then they needed; that they usually get to swim more than 30 minutes; that riding bikes is more fun with Mommy and Daddy and that keeping things picked up is harder with Grandma here.  (She doesn't like to step on Lego's or find a gum wrapper in Roxy's mouth).

Don't ever fly Spirit/Allegiant Airlines.  Story to come.