Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another blog later today for my daughter Carolyn who's birthday is today. Check back.

Just a quick blog to let you all know I'm still here. Carpooling to summer school - missionary work (my calling) - and shopping. I'm so bored with every day stuff. I like shopping the best, but can't really afford too much extra with 2 weddings coming up. Oh yep.....if you didn't know I'll let you in......Jason is marrying a darling girl, Stacie, August 23. Kevin is marrying a darling girl, Jessii, from Australia. We don't know much about their wedding, but info will be coming on both as time goes on. But for now, Allan and I decided to post a quick small visit with you. Yesterday at summer school he had a bummer day: being late, yelled/talked to by the security guard at school, and his teacher (whom he had in his regular Junior High school and didn't really care for him then), seems to pick on him now at summer school. So, on the way home from school I treated him to a burrito from Taco Bell $1.o8.

A heart of stuck-on cereal. Kudo's to Stacie for finding it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm sorry I can't figure out why I get this big space between pic's and words. I'll work on it.
Here are a few pictures of our trip to the Grand Canyon. We missed the family members that couldn't come, but will do it again soon. We had lots of fun as usual for a DeWitt activity. Thanks for coming with us Jessii and Stacey - we can't wait to have you join our family - officially! We feel that you are already part of us.

Doug fixing us a fantastic breakfast of biscuits and gravy - YUM!! This last picture is us looking at Vin's first baby pictures that Jill and Jonathan sent us right after his birth.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweet little Vin - or Vinster or Vinnie - as he was called by everyone. Here Grandpa took it upon himself to change one of his little messy pants.

I didn't notice that he was flipping me off until I came home and downloaded the pic's to my computer. I guess he doesn't like anyone 'exposing' him.

Just for that Vinnie, we're gonna kiss you when you don't want us to. Alright, he did give us one happy shot.

Can't hardly wait for August to come around! He'll be traveling this way!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hello to you all. My computer ac adapter died without us knowing it and so now my computer battery life is depleted and I am on Jill's computer. We have been working hard here and grateful that we, Doug and I, got to be out here at this time. We arrived Wednesday and mostly just chilled. Jill and Jonathan live in a studio apartment so the blow-up bed we slept on is less than 6 feet from their bed and totally consumed the kitchen area. If anyone got hungry in the night it was just too bad. However on our second day here, Jill received an email letting them know that they were being allowed to move into a 1 bedroom unit and had only 4 days to do it. So after spending some time snorkeling on Thursday, we started moving them out Friday, with most of the bulky stuff moved on Saturday. We will have to finish just the last little stuff today, Sunday and then the final cleaning of the old one on Monday. It has been nice to be here to help them do it (Jonathan working and Jill in no shape to lift and move heavy stuff) and we actually have had a real bed to sleep on for the past 2 days. And when they have to turn in their keys on Monday - we will not feel too bad about the blow-up mattress, because we will at least be 15 feet away and a wall away. AND not blocking their kitchen area at all.
We are having a great time with little Vin but I don't dare download any pictures to post because I am using their computer. First on my list of things to do tomorrow is to drive into Honolulu (about 1 hour) and buy myself a new ac adapter. I have to work on my girls camp video!!! We are giving Vin lots of hugs and kisses for you all. Grandpa has the magic hands that can calm!

Monday, June 6, 2011

new sub

I suppose I should have warned all of you that I would NOT be blogging too much for the next few weeks. I left last Monday, May 31, to go to girls camp up near Payson, at a place called Sharp Creek. It was beautiful. There will be a small blog about that later- with a few girls camp pictures - be prepared. We got home Friday, June 3rd around 10:30am and after a long shower and a quick nap, we (me, Allan, Katie, Brandon (friend of Katie), Kevin and Jessii (friend of Kevin and who's mom or mum as she says it, served a mission in Las Vegas), headed to Las Vegas. It takes about 5 hours to get there so it isn't too bad of a trip. We stayed until Sunday evening and then got home here about 11:30 last night.

Now, this morning, we had Allan's volleyball camp from 8 -10am. Shannon's summer school class started at 7:30am, both of these are held at Mesa High. Next we will have to pick up Shannon at 12noon and I will have to drive Allan to HIS summer class, held at Westwood High, a twenty-minute drive from here. It will be an interesting 6 weeks of school. But Allan wanted, or I should say we talked him into it, take his 9th grade English class over the summer and get it over with. Summer school is a 4 1/2 hour 3 week class, with no homework EVER - and to take both semesters it is 6 weeks and then they don't have to take that class for 9 months in regular school!! It is really a great program. By the time Allan is a senior he will only have to take 2 or 3 classes and be out by lunchtime!

Okay, one more thing......Doug and mys (?sp) anniversary was June 1st. 32 years! He surprised me by giving me this......

2008 Suburban. This is what I gave I feel bad.

He surprised me on Monday afternoon - so it got broke right in by taking it to girls camp. And then again right away to Las Vegas. This week however, it will get a break. Doug and I leave for Hawaii to see Jill, Jonathan and new baby Vin! We can't wait. My blog will be lacking for a week or so - unless I take lots of pictures of Vin. I also will be working on a music video of girls camp. But I'll try to post something along the way of our darling grandson. Take care.