Sunday, March 24, 2013

HURRAY!!  I am finally done.  I have finished reading President Monsons biography, "To The Rescue".  It has taken a long time, and I have started books that I am reading right along with it, so I am happy to place this book back on the shelf and not have it laying next to my bed in my 'reading pile', to sneak a few pages in before the day begins.  His life is truly an example.  If there was someone famous we had to be stranded on an island with, I think I would chose him.

With an occasional drop in by Brian Regan to bring us some needed supplies and to give us a show with some new material to share.  Who doesn't like this guy?!!
Okay, I know that is ridiculous, but those are two people whom I'd chose to spend a 'Day in the Life of....'.
Last night there were 4 of Doug's siblings and their spouses that had a rare opportunity to go out and eat together.  We went to Cheesecake Factory, my fav, and enjoyed it.  With a menu that is, might I say, another 'book' in and of itself, it was hard to make a decision as to what to eat.  I LOVE their chicken piccata, but wanted to try another dish and so I texted Carolyn and asked what she usually got and so that is what I went for: Crispy Chicken Costoletta.  Delish!!  The plate is served with 3, YES 3, chicken breasts, and I quote: 'Chicken Breast Lightly Breaded and Sautéed to a Crisp Golden Brown. Served with Lemon Sauce, Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Asparagus.

I choose not to eat the asparagus and passed those along to Doug.  I did end up bringing home 1 1/2 of the chicken and at least half of the mashed potatoes that were served along with my chicken!  The portions are HUGE there.  Anyway, I know what my after church snack (meal?) will be.  

We missed having Diane & Tom and Gayle & Ed, but we all are looking forward to the 'Sibling' cruise planned for next summer to ALASKA!!!!  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Okay...don't post

It's Spring Break.  We will not be doing a thing this year during Spring Break.  That is unusual.  Monday was lets clean the house a bit.  Then yesterday I thought that I should look through my Pinterest account and make or do something.  What I ended up doing yesterday was laundry, laundry, laundry.  You might ask yourself - 'What laundry could Becky possibly have and why so much'?  I ask myself the same thing.  So, I kept track of my batches yesterday.  Whites.  Towels.  More towels. Kitchen towels, place mats and tablecloths.  Allan's clothes; mostly the ones he didn't want to put away and were still folded when brought to the laundry room; which most of those ended right back into his laundry basket.  Shannon's clothes; she actually does put on all of her's but she can change her outfits up to 4 times a day - first outfit, feeling what she feels like wearing before she decides what she will wear to school - then, the chosen outfit - after school lounge around outfit - and lastly going to be with friends in the evening outfit, which of course can NOT be the same one she wore to school - 'MOM, they can't see me in the same clothes I wore today, geez......' - oh, and then I should add in her jami's, or Jill's pants if she finds those lying around- like in Jill's room-  as her last outfit of the day.  (Allan just sleeps in his skivvies).  Needless to say she has 2  batches.  Now you might be asking yourself, 'Why is Becky doing her kids clothes?'.  And the simple answer is I enjoy laundry.  I like the smell, the after smell that is.  I love Downey.  And I love my laundry room.  I'm not sure I've posted my total laundry room finished look, but I have to add one more item and then it will be complete and I'll take pic's of it.  Now, back to laundry.  My batch, and Doug's work clothes. Plus, assorted items lying about the home. All in all, about 8 batches.  And this morning I have started another one already.  Some day this might end.
Now, back to yesterday.  I decided to pick a couple of things off of my Pinterest boards to work on.  One was to paint my washer and dryer.  Maybe like this one:

 or these;

I actually started this morning with a kind of swirly design and did not just 'LOVE' the style I was going with - so I might look for a stencil today and see where we go from there.

This next project looked super cute and Shannon had it on her Pinterest account:

Last night I headed to the thrift store and found a few simple bracelets and a few bead necklaces and we will have a go at it!  I'll hand this project off to Shannon and head off to work.