Monday, July 28, 2008

Our biggest news!!!

Okay, this was the best event in the past 2 years!! (Sorry, Lukas & Treyson) But our son, Jason, who has been serving a mission in the Halifax, Canada area, came home July 18th!! He was out 2 yrs and 6 days. We all wore these matching Canadian t-shirts, just in case Jason couldn't find us or remember us. We were quite the sight at the airport. We were ALL there together. It was fabulous.

Al's embarrassing moment -

Okay- big embarrassment for Allan.

He had been begging Doug to fix our

motorized scooter. It was fixed and he

took it up and down the road a few times

and then he saw people out in the

cul-de-sac by our house and went go say

hi to them. By the way, they have 4 cute

girls whom will be great catches in 10

years or so....anyway, he stopped too hard

and didn't remember that he had to use

both the front and back brake. As you can see-

he got reminded the hard way.

These next two pictures are with her favorite teacher - Ms. Vining (music teacher of course)

and with her best friend Britney Jankowski!!

Graduate Shannon-

Oops - in May, Shannon gradutated from 6th grade!! We were so excited (or maybe we were stunned) that Kevin graduated from Mesa High we forgot to post Shan's graduation as well. Of course Doug doesn't really call it a graduation, it is more of an advancement. Anyway, here she is with her 6th grade teacher, Mr. Washington, who retired this year -hmm-after a year with Shannon - I wonder if that helped make his decision to retire any easier!