Tuesday, August 31, 2010

sad life of my phone....

I have had my phone just barely over 1 month now. (July 21,2010 blog). I was just getting used to the buttons: how to take pictures, how to text fast, how to silent it with only having to push two buttons, how to speed dial using my voice, how to text properly using capital letters and symbols where need be, how to have favorites, how to have lists of names for a single text to all at the same time, how to play a game, etc. That has all come to a very sad ending. Saturday our ward had a swim party at a public pool. Being that is was raining and lightning, we knew that we probably wouldn't be swimming, but after about 20 minutes of waiting the weather cleared up and in everyone went. I had said earlier to Doug that I wasn't swimming because we were waiting to hear from Allan who was waiting at home to hear from the East Valley Children's Theater, where he just tried out earlier to join their Improv Troupe. He was told they would contact him that evening to let him know if he had made the team so of course he didn't want to go to the swim party. I also told Doug that I was putting my phone in my back pocket of my swim shorts and to remind me if I decided to go in to take it out. Yes, I can tell your jumping to the end of my story, and yes I did go in. Not for a couple of minutes and not until I realized the phone was still in my pocket, but for at LEAST 30 minutes! Not until I was drying off with a towel did I remember (and feel) the bulge in my back pocket. I think everyone in the pool place heard me scream....man I was so mad at myself. Okay, so a guy there told me to hurry and take out the battery, let it dry overnight, blow it with a hair dryer, whatever ,to let it dry and possibly fix itself. Sunday morning before church I put the battery back in a wha-la, it turned on! The front home screen actually showed up AND I could dial numbers- but when I opened the flip part there was no life there. The screen if anything showed up was staticy, cloudy and you couldn't change it to any of the other operations. It has died. To replace it will cost about $100 dollars. I'm not sure I can do that just yet. Maybe I should wait for the swimming season to be over.


Sunday night we had the whole family in town and so we got together and had sub sandwiches, chips, fruit, etc. The reason lunner was decided was to have an earlier meal so we could play games before they had to head back to Nevada. Jason has a friend, who shall remain nameless, that Brian felt he had to invite over and she took him on. She warned us that she was pretty competitive at games. We said to her 'bring it on'. She was good and competitive and might I add pretty too! We all had a good time......well, I might be speaking out of turn, because I haven't heard it directly from her mouth, just Jason's mouth, and who knows, she might have just said it out of, you know, kindness. But from my observation we all had fun. We played girls verses guys at Catch Phrase. WE, girls, were winning, boys cheated at the end, we gave it to them so they'd stop whining. Yes, I said it whining. Then we had the boasting we had to listen to, it was a mess. We hardly heard the little kids at all that night, just the 'boys'. Okay, so after lunner we got a little goofy with the grapes - (We ahd to take this one twice because grapes were falling out of nameless friends mouth in the first one) (yes, Allan's are falling out here, but we didn't care). I don't know why Katie and Allen felt the need to get in the other end of the tables pictures - oh, wait, they are the inventors of this. Um....if you need a reference to why this is funny look back on my Saturday March 20th, 2010 blog and see the video near the end. I don't really know what this picture is, but I think he was trying to hit the highest note on the piano. Or he's choking on a grape. Good thing he's almost a doctor. Be sure to enlarge all photos.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

moms bread

For those of you who read my Mom's blog (http://blogofbillie.blogspot.com/) about Shanna's bread recipe - we, or I'll say I, was a recipient of that yummy recipe and my moms many hours of work. Here's how the story went down: Bread enters my home..... Look at the size of this loaf........I'll be keeping this a secret for as long as I can........Can't resist trying it though....... I think I'm gonna need two eggs to fill this size of bread!!.... a little bit of mayo...... Spread the egg...... Try to cover the evidence. Do you think they'll notice?..... Oops, more evidence to clean up. Better than a restaurant.......(except the clean-up part)..... Ummm...delectable...... Can't get enough fast enough...... Uh oh. I think I hear someone. Gotta run. All I can say though, is that I'm going in for some toast and choco milk tonight. I hope they won't smell it. Thanks Mom!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Cute short blog with pictures of Treyson.


I've heard it too many times, so I'm assuming that I've never put it into my blog, but WAY BACK in July I hurt my ankle standing on a stool. July 8th to be exact. However, our vacation was starting that day, I figured it was just a bad sprain - there really wouldn't be anything a doctor could do about it, so I lived with it. July 24th weekend comes and we went to our usual July 24th celebration place, Snowflake. Doug's brother, Alan, Dr. Alan, takes me down to his office - xrays my foot - fractured ankle. And a very bad sprain. In a way I was relieved. I didn't really want any sympathy, but it hurt like the dickens and now I know it was more than a sprain. So, since it had been over 2 weeks he told us the healing had already begun and he suggested I wear this 'sock' thing (I know I've mentioned it before) for 6 weeks. I have, with the exception a few hours here and there.

Amazingly it has helped greatly. It keeps me from twisting or 'rolling' my ankle to the side (something I have done all my life - check out the soles of my shoes next time you're here). So there, it is now in the blog: fractured ankle.

Okay, now for the more fun stuff: 3 hearts -

After removing a choco-chip cookie from the cookie sheet.

A piece of paper in our yard after the rainstorm.

And this last one has a little story. Clear back on July 27th, I had made Jason a lunch sack 'breakfast in bed' for his birthday. A package of oatmeal, granola bar, stuff? and a cinnamon roll. I didn't want the roll to be smushed so I put it in one of my good containers with this note:
Friday, August 20th it was returned to me. Is it washed out? No. Did he apologize for it not being so? No. But wait, what I did notice was this......look in the lower right-hand corner...........Another view........Now, I'd like to say the reason that it WASN'T washed out was because he had seen this 'heart' of frosting and he was saving it to show it to me. But since a word was NOT spoken about it, I'm just gonna hafta say he was a lazy bum who didn't wash out my bowl. I will have to give him the credit for this heart picture, but it is with hesitation that I do so. I might take all of the credit.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I had a few comments on my last blog about my great purchase! I was just as stunned as anyone to see the 80 percent! I always wondered if someone really got the highest percent off. I was questioned by my sister why I needed a 'body-double'? If she remembers- I mentioned in my blog, I love Project Runway and I would love to sew something with my own touches to it, not just follow a pattern. Here on my bedroom wall I've had a few things from magazines that I love and would like to make. Especially the black and white dress, of course, with sleeves added. That is why I need a body-double. And because it was only $42!!!!! Score! On!!!!!
So today, Saturday, I had to attend Defensive Driving School. 7:15am until 1pm. I was 'photo-ed' speeding. Yep, I did it. It was okay, the teacher, Instructor BOB, was sorta humorous. But it must be hard to try to think of jokes when the class is showing videos of crashes/death/drunks/etc.

Oh, wait, I need to say something about my SIL Jonathan. I had a rather strange thing on my phone when I woke up Friday morning. It was a call from Jill's phone at 2:38am. Of course I missed it. Did they think I'd be by my phone at that time, or even AWAKE? So I returned the call around 10am our time, 7am their time and it went straight to her answer machine. Now, as a mom, I'm thinking, 'Oh, No', she was in trouble and tried to call and tell me she loved me or needed my advice on what to do in the situation she was in, whatever, and she can't answer now because she is hurt or, you know, worse. About an hour later she calls back and lets me know that Jonathan had pushed the dial button as they went to bed the night before and she just hung it up, leaving no message. Hello? That is a mistake Jonathan. Leave me a message next time. "Whoops, sorry". "Love ya". "Wish you were here". Again, whatever. Last night they called and probably talked to me about 45 minutes. I was getting tired. But thanks for the call guys. And yes, I miss you BOTH terribly and I will try to get to your, Jonathan, graduation. Love Ya! (Was this a good blog Jack?)

Tonight we went to our friend KH's 40th surprise b-day. It was very nice. Here's what I made for her gift.... I took four or five suckers wrapped them together into flowers and I used my Cricut Machine and vinyl paper for the words! It was fun and she loved it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

My amazing buy....

I have been out of commision for the past little while. I have just reached my 6 weeks of having a fractured ankle and while I have worn my 'sock' most of the time, I must say that lately it has come off often. During the past 4 days I have tried , stupidly, to do manuvers that I shouldn't be doing. Once Katie came home from school and pulled in the driveway next to the car that I was in. I didn't know she had seen me, so I hid behind the truck to jump out and scare her and of course didn't scare her, but hurt my foot by trying the jumping thing. A day or two later, Shannon was trying to tell us how she had been jump serving at her volleyball practice and KT was giving her a hard time and so I went to show how I was understanding her ....... step-step-throw-jump-hit .... and I again stupidly jumped and re'hurt' my foot. Dumb is all I can say. So the boot/sock is back on my foot and will stay there until Sunday church time when I will take it off for 3 hours and then put it back on again.

Okay, I was starting to tell you about my amazing my buy....

I haven't been to my Thursday Dollar Day at Goodwill for several weeks. I'm kinda in a depressive state. I need to buy stuff. It's that simple. So one day, sitting in the 'loo' I noticed that Doug had gone through the mail and threw away a JoAnn's ad without me looking at it. Shame on him. I always look through the ad, usually saving it the whole sale time and then throughing it away without even using it. However I noticed on the back of the booklet was one of those extra coupons - a scratch off one: it having a chance of 40, 50 and up to 80 percent off. Realizing that anyone only ever gets the 30 or occasionally the 40 percent, I decided to scratch it off hoping for maybe the 50 percent. Only having a pen in the 'loo', I scratched and can you believe it?!!! It was the 80!! I got so excited and nearly scratched it too hard. . So I took off to JoAnn's first thing this morning. Reading the fine print very carefully, I knew there were a few things that I would not be able to buy, so I wandered in the store trying to figure out what I could buy and nearly settling on a $25 book, when what should appear in my sight - ? - ! but a dress form. Now, in the fine print it says nothing from the sewing department could be bought, but would a dress form really be considered from that department? I realize that it is sitting right here in the sewing department, but I wasn't sure. My pits started to sweat. I was scared to ask anyone for fear of hearing the answer 'NO', so I took a chance. And what do you know? The coupon scanned beautifully! I now have a body double! Crazy fun!!!I am a fan of Project Runway, by the way....
So, do you want to see the receipt and check out my savings? I know you do..... YES!!!!! $175.00 OFF!!! Also the Simplicity Patterns were all $1!!! What an amazing buy! I'm so excited!! I will hopefully be sewing soon. My craft room is so darn hot during the day, but we'll see.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I looked back on my old posts and realized I hadn't posted some pictures that I wanted to. Sadly, most of them are of Allan, and the reason I say sadly, is because they are about teasing him. We tried all different angles to make it look really bad, but we couldn't do it. Yes, he did swell on both sides, but my photography skills just didn't work here.
Now, I forgot to add this in a few blogs ago. As you all know I changed Allan's old room into my puzzle room. (All that has happened is a cardtable and stools put in the room). One time I talked Allan into coming and helping me with this candy puzzle. I set aside some pink pieces: here's what he came up with:I was about to un-invite him until I saw this:
I also had set aside some green ones and he did better there:
And as usual I have some hearts to post. Allan did not find any of these. I am done teasing him today.
Stucco heart that missionary Elder Spencer Imlah (?) found when he came to dinner one night. It's right near my front door. Go figure. Why hadn't any of us seen it?
A spilled sandbag in the middle of Greenfield Road near Southern. I was picking up Allan's perscription at Walgreen's and as I pulled out of the drive-thru and onto the road I thought I saw a heart, so I pulled back into the parking lot and waited for the cars to pass by and then I snapped it. Yeah, I know, you all think I stretch things too far, but when I see it, I just need to take a picture of it. Magnify it - you'll see it too. Lastly, I had been driving Shannon to volleyball tryouts everyday for a week and this is on the bottom of the streetlight post. Just so you know I didn't hold up any traffic to take this photo. Have a great Monday! Oh Mom, thanks for the box of Kleenex. I was running low since Friday.