Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today's ride I went 4.78. Here are two next door neighbors with interesting home colors.

The one on the right is okay, but the left. Hello? Is lavender and purple allowed?

Of course would anyone want to live next door to this house? Luckily our neighbors haven't moved yet.
I think this has been this way for 1 year now. Hmm.....I shouldn't judge.
Yesterday's bike ride turned into quite an adventure. (First of all it ended up being 6.58 miles!) Allan's PE class was starting their swimming session and he had forgotten his swimsuit. Shocker. So I told him I would take my ride and bring it to him at his school. While I was coming home I started taking lots of pictures of cacti. Now, most of you know, I am NOT a cactus lover. I actually think I abhor it, but I won't go that far. But it's close. However, I in my 'surfing' had come across a blog called: thoughtsandtreasures.blogspot.com. In it the author, Chantel had a darling picture of her standing next to a little cactus and I think she said it was the first one she saw. I commented on her blog and invited her to Arizona sometime to see lots and larger cacti.
So this blog is dedicated to Chantel (check out her blog).

Chantel, I was going to go through and tell you the names of each of the different kind, but if your interested you can find somewhere online that can tell you the names. Also, look at how big some of them are! Taller than their houses! Pretty flowers on some of them. Others that are located next to the electrical cords had to be cut down. Some are pokey, some are smooth.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yesterday morning I went with Doug on an errand. He had to deliver some music to a few houses and he suggested we ride bikes. I agreed and off we went. We went to the Cox's, Stradling's, Hogel's, Tooley's and Kim Hancock's house. In total we rode 2.91 miles. I had told Doug I thought it was 1 1/2 mile ride, so I was way off. Sorry Doug. But now he can feel better about being so out of breath as we rode. Since I try to ride nearly every day I was fine, but Doug was not so fine. He was out of breath by the time we got home.

Isn't he cute. Thanks Doug for the Saturday bike ride. Thankfully it was great weather! I think that the time to turn our a/c back on is coming in the next day or two. Bummer.

I'm afraid Doug is almost to this period of his life...........
Okay, I'm just joking.....a little.

Friday, April 23, 2010

We, here in the Valley of the Sun, have had a 'cool streak' of weather. Our average for the highs is around 86-87 degrees. Wednesday, it only reached 77 and on Thursday it was a nippy 67!! And of course my favorite.....it was overcast those 2 days. Today the high is supposed to be 72. A little chilly in the morning for us. My mom went for a little vacation to Utah, not taking a coat because last year at this time she took a coat and carried it around for the 4 days. Um...I just got word that it snowed yesterday in Springville, Utah. Hm. Do they have a Burlington in Provo?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

3.47 miles today. Not much. However, I didn't get to do any yesterday - so really, 3.47 is great! I had a somewhat boring ride today. I took my camera, just waiting for an exciting thing to shoot, but there was nothing! Absolutely nothing! I went across Val Vista eastwards (haha) and meandered back and forth in all the little roads over there. Around 11:30 I went to our church and helped with a luncheon for some elderly sisters. It turned out that they had enough food, so I was able to eat there, which I hadn't planned on doing. After that, I ran to Costco - one of my favorite all-time stores. But don't ever plan on just an in-out quick trip. Nope. It's easily an hour or two! Love it. I returned extra food that I had bought for a ward party and then purchased food/drink for Doug and the boys at DeWitt Equipment Co. On my way home from there I stopped by a Goodwill Store - another one of my favorites - and also a non-timable store. Thursday is $1. They have certain colored tags on sale for $1 or if it has a certain week written on it, (today was week 13), they too would be $1. Here are a few of my bargains today:

Shannon modeling my new high heels......You'll have to enlarge this picture. I love them. A little black skirt, white sweater. I'm there. On. Then I found this blue meshy shirt, Shannon's - another pair of shoes for me. I've been wearing them all day now.

This cute skirt. And this cool tie. Not quite G's size, but maybe Allan or Jason can use it.

This week we are babysitting my mom's dog, Billie. She is so funny. One of my favorite things to do is ask her if she wants to go for a walk and she will run and get her leash, which hangs between our banister rails and she'll pull it down and then keep it in her mouth until we are officially out the door.

Here she is sniffing. A lot of that goes on during our walks.
Here she is guarding the front of our house.
Carolyn saw this flower bush at our neighbors home. It has bloomed into a heart shape!

Oh, Kai, our 4yr old grandson, decided to 'drink some fizzy pop', which turned out to be Hydrogen Peroxide. Poison Control called. Expect him to throw up. He did. Yuck.
I guess it kinda looks like a pop bottle?!

Monday, April 19, 2010

My bike ride today was not real long, but it got done. I took tons of flower pictures along the way, but there weren't any that are blog worthy. However, I did get some of the flowers here at our house:

...but here's a couple of funny pictures. The first one is for Jonathan: Allan has outgrown the shoes - I'll wear them to go outside in the garden and stuff.

Not quite the Sunday look for church, but they work for the 'dirty floor -don't want to walk on it' - look.

Now, Doug's birthday was yesterday. He got to do just about everything he wanted to. While we were slaving away at dinner he slept. Here he is after that beauty rest(?)........

By the time this one was taken, he was getting a little mad. But we all had a good laugh on his behalf. Thanks for being a good sport Doug. His hairdo actually reminds me of the mayor on the movie ' The Grinch'. See the little curl at the top?