Thursday, May 26, 2011


We had the opportunity to babysit my mom's dog, Billie, for about 3 days.

Here are a few things Billie learned while she was here;

Pencils are not allowed to be chewed up.

Easter eggs can be.

Not to bark every time the front door opened.

Whinning does not work here - I had eight kids/5 grandkids.

If we let her sleep on our bed at night, she must lay vertical and not horizontal.

Your 'mom' left you specific food to eat. Don't beg.

25 feet of leash is enough.

Here are some things Billie taught me;

Don't scoot my desk chair back without looking first.

Doug gives in to whinning. And begging.

She likes gravy.

She can whine really loud.

Her collar makes a lot of noise when she shakes her head.

When we walk - she is in charge.

She can smell a bush for 2 minutes. Easily.

She is allowed to squish in on our bed.

And lastly, she is too cute not to love. Silly Billie.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I have been very busy with a few things that I need to get done for girls camp. Only 8 more days before we leave - but we are taking a quick trip up to the Grand Canyon on Thursday and so I need to have most, if not all, of my girls camp things done and ready to leave next Tuesday at 7am.

Here are some necklaces that I made for each of the girls.

I will be taking pictures at girls camp so I will try and get a 'final' picture with the girls wearing them. I forgot to take the final picture before I packed them up. Good times.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We were invited to go to a Diamondbacks game last night (Friday night) with Greg and Karla. This is kinda neat - the older gentleman sitting in the row in front of us is our old Stake President - then - the lady to the very left of the picture in the yellow shirt is our ward organist! Out of 28,000 people we sit next people we know.

The D-backs won and afterwards there was a fireworks show.

I video taped the fireworks, but can't seem to download it here. So just imagine about 11 seconds of the ending of a fireworks show and that would be it. Although the DBacks won, I was not really paying attention to the game too is why..... Couple #1....

If you can't pull up the pictures bigger the words just say something to the fact that I tried to cover their identity by typing messages over their faces.

Couple #2 The poor little boy sitting next to me I don't think saw ANY of the baseball game. Anyway - we had an enjoyable time with the Hancocks! They are a great couple to be with - maybe next time WE can be the ones playing a game!!!! Thanks, Karla and Greg.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Luke and Brook

This blog will be slightly boring to some of you - or maybe even most of you, but I am dedicating this to Lukas and Brook. Lukas loves when he jumps and I take pictures. That's all he asks me to do with him when he is here. And what is funny is, he can tell when I'm just holding my camera up pretending or when I'm actuallly taking photos. He'll say something like this.."Take my picture Grammy", and if he thinks I'm not taking pics he'll say.....'Let me see it'. And I always have to have the camera ready and aimed in case he does some 'cool moves'. I will say there is a lot of photo's to look at here, just be glad you don't have to sit through all of them.

Brookie thought she needed to be photographed also, just not as badly as Luke did. This is really for Brian to see what his kids do here, but please - sit back and enjoy along with Bri.

Oh, this is 2 different days of pictures here: Monday and Tuesday. (I already blogged about a previous jumping time with Luke and Brook).

I meant to leave these for the last, but do you see the hearts in these pictures? My neighbors vine thing?