Friday, September 30, 2011 Today I am loving these. Of course I would never buy them because of the immodest dresses - However, I think I will try my hand at drawing them and adding in a few sleeves and whatnot. LOVE THEM!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

poor, poor, Driscolls

Today I thought I would also share a lovely gift we found in our outside refrigerator. Driscolls. At first it looked as though they were frozen together, but after opening the carton we realized, nope, just molded together. I left them out on my counter for several hours thinking that they would somehow start to 'demold' themselves, one from another, but no, they held on all day long. So now they sit together in my trash bag, in my trash container, out on the curb by the road. Their day will be full of stops, bumps, squishes and eventually a dump. Maybe the birds that scour the dump site will find them and pick them apart, but I doubt even the birds will know what to do with you, our poor Driscolls. Have a good long life my Driscoll friends. Until I buy some of your cousins - Auf Wiedersehn.......

Okay my dear friends. This blog is mostly for my children whom have left the 'coop'. As they all know we are remodeling the bathroom downstairs and it has been a doozy of a job. We thought things would all fit in to a nice little plan we had drawn up and after several 'discovered' pipe configurations we had to scrap what we had started with design-wise. Which is okay, it just sets your mind back a little. But here, for the sake of all of you needing to see the update (and we hope to be done before Katie's nuptials), are the pictures. This is a view as you first walk in the door. New toilet room and shower. The shower is where the water heater used to be. We had to knock down that wall and make it a little bigger than we started with. We are not doing the tiling - that is hired out - AND the red/pink is NOT a part of the final look. I guess it is some kind of sealant. Where the washer and dryer will sit (same place just a little more crowded now). Looking from the washer/dryer spot to where the new DOUBLE SINK vanity will be sitting. Yes, the new toilet room door will hit it, but we are hoping it will remained closed mostly. Looking into the loo. We added 3 windows into the toilet room so it can let the natural light in to the rest of the room. (2 in the shower area and 1 facing the sink area).

These two depict the loo area.

Looking out from the shower to where the original door is. It might be a little tighter than before, but with the addition of a private area (the latrine), and with 2 sinks now, it just might be more accommodating to a family. It's sad, now that we are on the count-down of children, that we are finally doing this, but someday we will be selling it and we are thinking of that. We still have 5 great years of Shannon and Allan around!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Brian's Day

Grape Day

I don't know Day

ASU Graduation Day

Toe Day in Pine, Az. Day

Teaching Lukas to love the 'box' Day

Christmas 2010

Okay - I've worked all morning and my scanner is NOT working! Oh, they scanned into my documents alright, but it is now telling me that another window needs to open to allow it into by blog!! And it is not letting me move my pictures around, so you get the long column of photos.....Uuggggh!!!.....So, sorry Brian. These are some of the pictures that I have of you. The ones I scanned were of course your cute 'little' pictures and you were cute. Happy Birthday to you today - a big 30!!! Wow! And you were my 'square root' baby, being born 9/9/81 AND weighing 9lbs.7oz. Thanks for being a fun son! We miss having you around and your family around. Thanks Celynda, Lukas, Brook and baby Roxy for loving him!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Purple Person!

I really don't have too much to say this evening, but I will say something. My Allan has been made a 'Purple People' at Mesa High this year. This is a big deal. In years past, this was NOT a club, boys would just show up to a football game with an M, or E, S or A painted on their belly and then the tradition grew to where they would paint their whole bodies and 'whoop' and 'holler' out in the crowd to keep spirits up. (I think it all started when a few boys who tried out for the cheer squad and didn't make it). just kidding... But - it got way out of hand, people getting crazy and probably hurt, etc., so the Student Council took it over and now there are try-outs to join - and....well.....we are proud parents of the one and only AND first freshman EVER that made the 'Purple People' - um - company? (just a reminder - this is the first year that Mesa High has 'actual' freshman or should I say 'official' freshman) So Allan will have this claim to fame for the rest of his life. Anyway, as most of you who read my blog know, Allan has always had school spirit - even back in grade school. (He dressed up as his 'hero', who was his teacher, Mr. Mann) Here are a few of his junior high photo's - just to stir up a few memories for us all:Dr. Seuss Day. Crazy Hair Day.Super Hero Day. And Decade Day. I can't remember what this day was, but it was while he was still in Brimhall Junior High. Remember Occupation Day? And finally Bobcat Spirit Day.......
This past week at Mesa High was Spirit Week and each day had a different 'theme'. Allan of course dressed up for them all. Crazy sock day, Occupation day again ( he wore one of Doug's work shirts), and these:Jersey Day, Crazy Hair Day, and finally Super Hero day: He is really wearing a SHIRT here, we just added what was needed to fake people out. Can you guess who he is? Oops! I think I already blogged about this, (check out August 19th) but oh, well.

Our bathroom remodel is going very slowly. Bummer, but we are replumbing, building two new walls, retiling, and everything else that goes into it.

AND I am obsessed with Donny Osmonds album (it's not new, 2005) - What I Meant to Say! I could seriously listen to it all day - especially tracks 1,4, 7, 9 and 12. LOVE IT! (deep breath) (Vayla, are you with me on this one?)