Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Leprachaun Katie!! She was trying out for the survivor game at Mesa High and for her interview day, she had the choice of dressing as a leprachaun or a smurf. I think she turned out pretty darn cute. Yes, she took 'gold' goodies (Werthers, coins & Snickers) to sway the judges. We won't hear until the 4th if she has made it or not.

Ostrich pictures......

Sorry these are backwards, I'll need to think before I post.....

On the way home from hiking, we stopped at 2 thrift stores. Jason found a shirt for 25cents - quite the steal. My big purchase was $1.91! And I got 4 things!! That was in Willcox, so you might make a day trip just to catch their sweet steals!!

Okay, now on the way home from Benson, Arizona, we stopped at the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Farm about an hour south of Mesa at Picacho Peak. They not only have ostrichs, but donkeys, deer and lorekeets (?). You pay $5 and get a cup of feed for the ostrich, deer and donkeys and also a little cup of nectar for the birds to eat. A few funny moments. Also, those of you who know my 'obsession' with hearts will see a nice little gift a deer left for me!!

We also found a few (two) spots with what we had to call 'shade'. As you can guess this was Daddy Doug's idea for fun. heehee!!

Spring Break Camping....

Doug, Jason, Shannon, Allan and I went camping to Benson, Arizona. We got tickets to visit the Kartchner Caverns and to let you know - it was spectacular!! They don't allow cameras, backpacks, cell phones - absolutely nothing inside the cave on your tour. So, thus we have no pictures. But you can go online and see some of the things we saw. It was quite a story about who, how and what things they had to go through to find the cave, and then have it made into what it is today. We also hiked into Fort Bowie. Not so spectacular. But we did see Geronimo's
2 year old son's grave.