Friday, August 30, 2013

July 4th.....oops....

Yep, these are some way old photos that I've decided to post.  Happy 4th of July!  For the past few years, the Valley of the Sun has 'unbanned' fireworks on certain days and in certain areas.  We can set off certain types of fireworks on our road.  We choose a few simple ones.  Of course the ever popular sparklers.  When I was a young girl and we would travel to Springville, Utah - and we happened to be there during a holiday, (or maybe fireworks/sparklers were allowed all the time up there) this is what I loved:  We would sit on my grandparents lush lawn (and I mean lush - Utah lawns!  you all know what I'm talking about)....and my grandparents would be sitting up on their porch....which was really only big enough for 2 chairs (
and from what I'm remembering they look like these:
and then we would watch the 'big people' set off fireworks out in the road and then FINALLY we got to do sparklers!  Sometimes 3 or 4 each!  

The breeze must have been going Shannons way.

Posing for the shot

Okay, now for a project I've worked on.  Doug and I have been invited (and maybe we pushed a little) to go back to Florida and be with Brian and his family for a long weekend in September.  We will be going to Disney World!  Say What?!!!  So, Celynda had seen these dresses made up on Etsy - a online craft 'sell your stuff'' store for sale but for a bit more than she wanted to pay, so she sent me the picture and asked if I could make Brookie and Roxy a dress similar to those online and then she would double use the dress for Halloween!  Here they are!  

I thing they turned out cute.  I found a remnant of 'leather' looking material for Minnie's head.

Lastly for this post, I made Twix cupcakes for everyone to try.  They were pretty good. I loved the maple flavored frosting.

For our next big family adventure, we are planning on opening a frozen yogurt/cake/cupcake shoppe!  Hopefully within a year it will be up and running!  Katie has done some amazing cakes and we would like to open up this store for her to do her own work out of and then have the rest of us running the yogurt/treat side of the business. Keep your fingers crossed that all will go well and we can have a great business!!