Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I hope this picture will be understood by those that read this blog, which are only my kids and most of them were here when this event took place. In October we, as a family minus Jeff and Jill, got to go to Rocky Point for the weekend. On the way home we caravaned with Carolyn and and boys and as we left Rocky Point we passed this small van that was submerged to its bumper. Carolyn was ahead of us and as I told Doug I thought we should go back and help, she did a u-turn to go back and so we followed. Kudo's for Carolyn. Anyway, I thought we girls would sit in the car and let the men do their manly thing and get the guy unstuck, but once again Carolyn is out of her car and headed for the man's car. So Katie and I had to join her. The van was so low in the front that his bumper was filled with sand as well, so we couldn't just push him out backwards. We were going to have to lift and push at the same time. And it was a stick shift. Not all of my kids know how to drive a stick, so again Carolyn jumped in the drivers seat and the rest of us dug out tires, then lifted and pushed. He was free. The man invited back to his store for some tequila, but we declined. Gosh, why didn't Carolyn jump in then?!! just kidding!! Love you guys. Brian and Celynda had taken off earlier so they unfortunately didn't get to help. Way to go Jason, Kevin, Katie, Dad, barefoot Allan and Carolyn.