Saturday, March 31, 2012

The calming of April...we hope

The play is officially over. The costumes have all been check in. The set is all taken down. The props have been put in the portable room #510. I will have to say it was quite the experience and both Shannon and Allan have expressed the desire to try-out and perform in the next years play. Yikes.
Although I love taking pictures, the play is not one that I had alot of time to focus on. (no pun intended). I am sure there are many sites to find pictures from. I won't bother you with them.

However, I will show you a few events that we have snuck in before, during and around the play. Dress like your favorite animal day. Scary Sheepdog? Shannon wore a giraffe print coat, so I didn't get that picture...maybe you can just imagine it.

Mesa High also held the Mr. Mesa. First year they have ever done it, so we weren't quite sure what to expect. But each boy had to have an Evening Gown, a Swimsuit and then a talent, just in case they made it that far. Allan did make it to through the talent compition and then failed in the next part, which was styling a girls hair and adding makeup to her face. He then was cut. I think his offical placement was #5.

His talent was the Napoleon Dynamite dance - found here: (he is not the one dancing hehe)

He was spectacular. We were so proud. (teardrop).

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am having an enjoyable week with the grandkids! Camden I had Tuesday and Thursday for about an hour each and then Celynda and Brians kids are here. They were here yesterday for about 6 hours and we invited over Carolyn's boys (they had a half day of school - as well as Shannon and Allan) so we had a house full of yelling, crying, sleeping and hungry people. Yes, I fell into each of those catergories too!

Monday, March 5, 2012

I can breath...

First of all, it has been brought to my attention that in the last blog I wrote I called myself a sewer. Nope not this , but this Seamstress is the work I should have used. Sorry. And sorry to Mom if I offended know, for making me a sewer.

But here is a quick summary of why I haven't written too much in the past month.

Mesa High School play, 'Beauty and the Beast', costumer/seamstress/designer/etc.

It really started out small. I was on the sewing committee list, the costume coordinator gave me 2 village girl dresses to sew. Done. Turned them in and received two more. Done. Turned them in and found out some of the dresses were too hard for others who had signed up to all I made 9 full village girl dresses (apron and corset too). Also, helping to complete 4 others - the corsets were complicated....and then we embellished all of the aprons with ribbon and a few bows on the girls sleeves. I also ended up sewing two of the napkin costumes - altering 6 napkin ring belts, twice on some of them...I altered 7 plate tops - taking them from a 'coat' looking thing - down to a slenderizing vest (a major feat, especially since each girl wanted them as snug as possible) and the material used in these 'vests' is NOT my favorite material to use: Satin - all I saw for days was frays (and trying to stop them with zig-zag stitches plus a straight stitch) and string flying all over my bedroom. When it was getting down to crunch time -5 days before the 'run through' - 6 days before the play began......our costume coordinator left to be with a daughter who was in labor. Hmm....there were about 5 of us who literally worked nonstop for those next few days - I was living down at the school -sometimes working up to 12 hours a day. It was crazy. With a week left the director realized that we had no one working on the enchanted plates. Late one night I went to Wal-Mart to buy dog food - got an inspiration of what might work - made up a 'prototype' ran it down to the school at 1:30 in the morning (I knew they would still be there), and got an 'okay' to go with the plates, honestly, finishing on Monday, for the full dress rehearsal. We had to repair Shannon's during Monday night for a painting error - but they were done for Tuesday nights parent show. Crazy! Oh, also, I had to make Cogsworths pants, 9 village boy knickers (luckily pants that were in the schools closet that I only had to cut off, add each leg band and velcro to them.). I didn't take pictures darn it! But if they do it again, as I hear they might, I will for sure learn how to take pictures in the dark without a flash. Here is a web sight that has a few pictures. If you look hard you can see Shannon in a couple and Allan in a few too. Look really hard though! Love to you all!

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