Monday, November 5, 2007

Kevin was carried on top of everyones shoulders after the game and they just put him down.......just kidding. Really though, he was congratulated in the middle of the circle. He had a great game. He got to finish playing on the front row.......

SLAMMIN' SPIKE - made by none other than

#5 child!!

Making a beautiful set...for the game winning ..........
Kevin playing in a tournament on Saturday November 3rd. He made an amazing back set here.

left to right....

Volleyball MHS - Katie

headstone RIP with claws coming out of the grave/moon - Allan

Pirate Ship - Kevin

Cat/pumpkin/spider in window-mom

Witch saying boo - Dad

Dracula biting girls neck - Shannon

Just too cut. His tail was a little interesting though.

I know it's dark - (Dad took it) haha, but he is Master Chief from the Halo 3 game. XBox 360..... Okay, but I have to tell you how it is all made up. We will begin at the top....Scoot-scoot helmet, spray painted Army Green. We made the helmet shield with a transparacy (sp?) sheet and some window tinting. The chest protection thingy is made from a little girls onsey floaty thing. We cut of the panty part and again spray painted. Then we colored in the black areas with a marker. His girdle guard and arm guards are made from a sleeping pad, you know, like the scouts take on a trip to go under their sleeping bags. I did spray a little of the green, but it was very close to the color we were going for. His wrist guards are made from skateboarding wrist protectors, once again painted and then worn wrong side up, where the hard plastic was on top of his hands. Lastly, his leg protectors are baseball catchers shin guards with the knee part and the top of the foot part cut off. We had made the shoulder things? but forgot to put them on that night.