Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fun in Hawaii

Go back and read the blog about us surprising Jill if you haven't done that yet.  Here we are in their apartment having a little bit of fun.  We were so excited to be there with Jill, Jonathan and of course little Vin! 
 Vin was sleeping now, but Doug tried this with him later and he didn't like it one bit. 

Surprising Jill

I hope this link works.  I'm still struggling with this new blog.  The reason we are so quiet (after the first yell), was that Vin was asleep!  We think we totally surprised her....luckily she hadn't read a text message from Jason asking if she was sitting around with Mom and Dad.  Longer story there, but not necessary for right now.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Part 2 - Shannon's Birthday

Part 2:  Shannon's birthday........yeah, I know it is April.  But she will be 16 all year long!      The Laurels and their leaders came and set an early alarm in her room and the poster said "Arise and Shine Forth".  This is the theme for the YW this year.  Then someone decorated the outside of the door, including Doug's truck and left a sweet brownie.  

So part 2, which was actually done along with part 1, a blog made a few weeks ago, but, I failed to do the pictures in order so you get what I give you.  In this 'Ostrich Fishin", you go on this huge monster truck (sorry I forgot to get a picture), but it's huge, and they drive you through the desert scenery out there and then they stop at this platform where you get 'poles', attach grapefruit and the ostriches will come up and grab them.  The kids totally loved it .  After that we just walked around and fed deer, goats, donkeys, and ducks.  There was probably more, but I can't think of them right now.   

Always on the move.

Shay and Katelyn (friends of Shannon)

 Katie not really really liking this.
This ostrich doesn't know who he's dealing with. 

Okay, this was new this year.  They have this large lifty thing with this Goat Penthouse on it.  There is no way for these goats to go any where, so I'm sure they must change them out every hour?, but what you do, is put food in these containers, crank this handle and the food works its way up the 'pulley' line and then dumps into a canister that the goats eat from.  Too funny!  If you weren't careful with the 'cranking' it starts swaying pretty hard and then the food spills out before it reaches the top and then the goats are MAD!  Because they know the food is coming....... 
Katelyn, Bethani, Shannon and Shay

These pictures need explanations:  Jason was having a great time, as seen in picture #1.  Then he and Doug decided to try and feed them with their mouth, being very careful as seen in picture #2.  I think Doug must have chickened out, because you see him laughing and then grabbing Jason's neck and pushing him into the goat!  It was so-o funny! 


here, they come

Poor Stacey, no birds

No food, so we'll poop on her hat.

 Thanks for sharing your Birthday with us Shannon!  We had a great time!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I walked today.  Here is why.  After returning from Hawaii - later in the blog - I had been asked to help chaperon a choir/orchestra/band field trip to Thatcher, Arizona, about a 3 hour drive.  The bus I was on had only the choir kids, about 25.  The bus driver was kinda mean, the teacher had to be strict to keep the kids in line and I mostly observed.  After performing their 2 numbers at Eastern Arizona College, where there was the best, greenest, softest grass ever,

 we waited for the orchestra to be done.  We knew we had boys on our bus that had to return as close to 3pm as possible because of sporting events that they were involved in, so that meant we had to leave before noon if possible.  (And we still had to stop and get lunch somewhere, and as mentioned before about the mean bus driver, we weren't going to be allowed to eat on the bus. Not one thing).  To shorten the story, we did NOT get off before noon and it was going to be a close call.  About an hour into our trip home, we came to NON-MOVING traffic.  NON-MOVING for 2 hours +.  There had been a fatal accident about a mile- mile and a half ahead of us and it was just sit and wait time.  There are only two lanes of traffic - no side roads, no shoulders to try and drive on - NADA, ZILCH, NOTHING.  No bathrooms.  We didn't get back to the school until after 5pm.  11 hours on a bus (mostly) with 30 teenage kids.  That is why I walked today.

smoothie mustache. Jonathan is so proud.
Now....Doug and I decided to jump on a plane to Hawaii and surprise Jill.  She was going to be walking through the graduation ceremony, although she won't be officially done until August, at BYUH.  She was totally shocked!  It doesn't look like it on the video though, because Vin was sleeping and she had to be quiet. II'm sorry. I've been working on downloading it and of course there is a problem, so I'll work on it and hopefully post it later.)  It was great.  Jason ALMOST ruined the surprise, but that will remain non-discussed.  We were there 5 glorious days, being with Vin, Jill & Jonathan and of course, getting to the beach 3 of those days.  The weather was great, but the waves were killer.  Not too great for Doug to do his snorkling.  Here's a few pictures!!!
The family will love this one.
Cute family!

a big one.
I love this!
In the ladies bathroom.
Jonathan faceplant-but saved Vin........Vin in his casual eating preference.
Jill not as brave.
My pictures are a disaster.  I can't figure out this new post settings and I am struggling to figure out how to move my pic's and comment on them.  I have given up.  If any of you want to see most of my picturers, and there are some cute ones of Jill's family, go to on their photo tab...sign in to my account: is melvin find the Hawaii album.  I think this should work.
All these pictures were shot with just my little point and shoot camera - Sony.  I'm pretty impressed.