Saturday, December 28, 2013

 Okay, so here's my blog for today.  I made these super Hero men for all
of my earthly grandsons, 6 in total.....and then the Princess for my two oldest granddaughters....
and then 2 sets of polka-dot girls for my youngest granddaughters....
My Christmas has been busy and I will give a thanks to Katie, she was
a big help.  And another shout out to Jason, who painted the green
cup holders for my Hulk.

Our Christmas decorations this year were nil.....and we barely made the
last minute cut for getting our Christmas Tree put up this year.  Shannon
had been making a quilt, which took up our living room space for several days,
if not weeks, finishing only on the night of the 23rd, and I then made Doug
bring up my $5 Goodwill tree in the house. Our stockings, luckily, were at the top
of one of the many Rubbermaid totes we have crammed into our storage shed.
We didn't even get our Nativity set on our roof.  Sad......
  Also as luck would have it, we had a few
ornaments, either not put away from last year or, were given to us this year by friends, teachers and
neighbors.  And with a few others things stuck on the tree, it was beginning to look nice. 
 Doug did hunt out our lights that you can put on different settings and wha-la.....done in a matter of minutes. 

For each boy, I lucked out and found some zipper bags at the thrift stores and then put a name on them.
  For the two older girls, I found these cute Princess purses
and lined them.

 It was quite the task, but I loved seeing them all together.