Monday, January 12, 2015

Today I went walking - wait, what? You went where? doing what?  Yep.  I had a Visiting Teaching appointment and I knew it wasn't that far, so I decided to walk.  I took my phone for 'just in case'.
And guess what I found......yes, I can see that is NOT a natural heart - but what they heck!  A heart, in the gutter, as I walk to my VT lady!  What a fun surprise. And the walk was a little bit more than I had thought....1.7 miles.  But I need to start sometime to get back into walking or riding my bike.  I have a trip planned for NY soon and since we can't afford a car rental (the hotel 'parking' fee is $50 night!!!), we will be doing a LOT of walking to the sites. We seemed to have gotten a pretty centrally located hotel and the furthest thing from us will be the Statue of Liberty, so we might splurge on a taxi for that outing. Other sites we want to see......Mood Fabrics.....yep! the famed material store of Project Runway!  And I'll only have $100 for a 30 minute shopping spree! (ha ha). Also, Central Park, Manhattan Temple, Empire State Building, Trump Tower, Times Square, Kleinfeld wedding dress shop! And we are about 4 blocks from the Theater District....not that we can afford a show, but maybe they have rehearsals you can sit in on!  So, today was the beginning of a walking regimine to get me ready for walking in the cold and icy NY sidewalks!

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