Thursday, July 3, 2014

I'm a pinterester....?  is that what I'd be called?  I'm not sure. Maybe if I break it down into categories I do understand, I can figure it out.   If I live in Arizona, I'm an Arizonian.  Does that makes me a pinterestian.  I live in the city of Mesa and we are called Mesans.  So, maybe I'm a pinterestan.  If my lineage comes from Israel...I'd be a Israelite....right?  So, could I be called a pinterestite?  Or an, pinterestess.....pinterestologer?

I'm confused with what I am, so I'll just say I LOVE PINTEREST!  

Today instead of pinning, okay.  I think I already did some 'looking' this morning and possibly some 'pinning' - but after I did that, I decided to finish a project from my 'Crafts To Do' board that I had started a while back.

  Open this link for the original pin.

As you can see I wanted a blue umbrella.  My color preference.  I used water color pencils!  Have you ever used them?  They are really amazing.  Water color pencils rock!

Anyway, this was my 'wasted time' project for today.  At least when hubby asks what I did all day, I'll have something to show him!   I'm not in love with it, but it was fun and I'll be doing more!

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